App to App communication on WP8 session @ Techdays 2013 slidedeck + sample code

Last week I did a session about App to App communication on Windows Phone 8 and people who attended asked me to make the source of the samples and the slide deck available. I was quite busy this week but here it finally is.


You can download the 3 sample projects from my skydrive here. The 3 sample projects contain different apps showing different app to app scenarios:

ColleaguesDemo: App used to show how to launch office apps from within your app by opening Word / Excel or PowerPoint files. This app is also bound to a custom file type .colleague. if you install the app and try to browse to this app should start because it is associated with .colleague files.

MovieList + GMDB: MovieList is an app to store my movies. I wanted to be able to launch the GMDB (Geert’s movie database) app to watch the movie details or watch a trailer. so when you browse to a movie in the movielist you can launch GMDB from there. The GMDB app is associated with the GMDB: protocol so you can launch the app from either the MovieList app or by an URL in an SMS/mail or NFC tag like this: gmdb:movie?id=8


Hopefully you enjoyed my session at TechDays and see you there again hopefully next year or at some other Windows Phone event.

I’m really curious to see apps showing up in the marketplace using App to App scenario’s because it would really add something to the Windows Phone Ecosystem.

Happy Coding

Geert van der Cruijsen

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Demo code and ppt deck from my Techdays talk on WP7 Push notifications, Live tiles and background agents available

It’s they day after the Techdays 2012 in the Netherlands and everyone is fully inspired by all the new knowledge they acquired at the event. I got questions from people asking for the powerpoint deck and my demo code so I told them I would upload it here. I had 2 sessions on the Techdays and both were on Windows Phone push notifications and live tiles. The session on the Geeknight was an introduction level session and in the session on Friday I showed all the details on how to use them with lots of code.


The PowerPoint deck from my geeknight session on push notifications and livetiles  is available here: Download or View PPT

The PowerPoint deck from the level 300 Push notifications, live tiles and background agents session is available here: Download or View PPT

In both sessions I used the same demo project that can be downloaded here: Download ZIP file

My session that was held on Friday was also filmed for Channel 9. I’ll add a link to the video when it’s uploaded there.

Update: the session is now available on Channel 9. you can watch it here:

If you have any questions on implementing push notifications, live tiles or background agents send me a tweet on @geertvdc or comment on this post.

Happy Coding

Geert van der Cruijsen

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TechdaysNL 2012 Lots of WP7, Win8, Metro and ASP.NET MVC sessions. Which sessions to pick?

This thursday Microsoft Techdays 2012 kicks off for Dutch developers working on the Microsoft platform. This year I’m speaking at 2 sessions on Windows Phone but I’m also going to visit other sessions during the 2 days of the conventions. Here is the schedule I made with sessions I’m planning on going to. It seems there are some really cool Windows Phone sessions but Windows 8 and ASP.NET MVC also has my interests. During the event I’ll keep you posted with updates on twitter and afterwards I’ll write my experiences in a new blogpost again. Here are the sessions I’m going to visit.


Thursday February 16th

09:15 – 10:45 – Keynote

Ofcourse I’m going to visit the keynote session that kicks off the event. This year the keynote is presented by 5 speakers: Ben Riga, Brian Keller , Serge van Schie, Theo Rinsema, Bryan Agnetta

11:05 – 12:20 – What’s new in ASP.NET 4.5 + Visual Studio 11Mads Kristensen

I haven’t seen that much of 4.5 since my focus lately was on Windows Phone and Windows 8 development so I’m really curious on what Mads is going to show us here.

13:30 – 14:45 – Deep Dive into MetroBryan Agnetta

Since I already am quite up to date with Windows Phone Localization I’m skipping Ben Riga’s session on that subject (which is really important to know if you’re developing WP7 apps!) and going to widen my horizon to become a better “DeVigner” by improving my design skills in the session of Bryan Agnetta.

15:05 – 16:20 – A look at ASP.NET MVC 4Scott Guthrie

When “the Gu” is speaking on an event it’s not an option not to visit at least 1 of his sessions. I’m a big fan of ASP.NET MVC since the first technical preview but haven’t seen that much of the 4th version except for some videos from BUILD. Really looking forward on hearing what Scott has to say on this subject.

16:30 – 17:45 – Scott Guthrie UnpluggedScott Guthrie

Really looking forward on this session. Scott is a reall “Gu”ru and I’m really curios on seeing him answer questions from the audience. I have some questions for him on his vision on the future of mobile and the web. Let’s see if he can answer it :) Another session that I would like to visit but is at the same time is: Fully leverage the Microsoft application platform with BizTalk, Server AppFabric and Azure AppFabric. Ah well I’ll watch that one on channel 9 later then.



19:15 – 19:55 – Beginnen met ontwikkelen voor Windows PhoneMaarten Struys

This session is in the same room as my session that held is right after this session. Ok I’m not a starting wp7 developer but It’s good to see this session so I can adapt my session to this one if a lot of people are staying after this session for my session.

20:05 – 20:45 – Push notifications en live tilesGeert van de Cruijsen

Time to do my own session. In this session I’ll give an introduction to push notifications and live tiles in your Windows Phone applications. If you are a starting wp7 developer this is the session for you. If you are a more advanced wp7 developer come to my session on friday on the Techdays on the same subject.

20:55 – 21:35 – Stand Up Windows Phone DevelopmentFons Sonnemans

After my session Fons Sonnemans is doing the next session in the WP7 track. He’s going to build an application in 1 hour. Let’s see what he’s up to.


Friday February 17th

09:15 – 10:30 – Going mobile with ASP.NET MVC 4Erik van Appeldoorn

The debate on building native phone applications vs mobile web is an ongoing discussion. Let’s see what Erik can do using ASP.NET MVC4 for the mobile platform. Another session that got my attention is a session from my collegue Jesse Houwing: Code review features in TFS vNext so there is a chance I’m visiting that one instead.

10:50 – 12:05 – Building Services for Phone / Tablet using WebAPIMatt Milner

This session can be really usefull if you are planning on doing push notifications for a mobile app for example or if you just want to create an app using your own created API for your website. WebAPI is a really nice new framework by Microsoft which I don’t know that much about right now. hopefully this session will give me some good info on that.

13:15 – 14:30 – Laat je Windows Phone 7 app tot leven komen met push notifications, live tiles en background agentsGeert van de Cruijsen

It’s time again to do a presentation myself. This session will explain all the ins and outs of push notifications, live tiles and background agents in your wp7 applications. If you don’t like Windows Phone visit my colleague Christiaan Veeningen’s session: Bouw Metro apps met Javascript voor Windows 8. In our original planning I was going to do this presentation together with him but doing 3 sessions was a bit to much for me to prepare for.

14:50 – 16:05 – Windows Phone Metro Design Session End-to-EndTom Eddings, Dave Crawford

Another UX session I’m going to visit. My last project building Windows Phone applications where I worked together with Avanade UX colleagues really got me interested in the design parts so I’m exited on what Tom and Dave are going to tell us.

16:15 – 17:30 – Unit testing your Windows Phone 7 applicationsOlaf Conijn

Picking a level 400 session as the last session on a Friday a smart choice? We’ll see. I already have experience in unit testing wp7 applications but I’m sure Olaf has some really nice tips for us.

So this is my list of sessions I’m visiting at the TechDays. Please let me know which ones you are visiting in the comments

Geert van der Cruijsen

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