SharePoint Workflow running in a different context as the host sharepoint site

On my current project I ran into a problem with a custom SharePoint workflow because the workflow sometimes failed to run and sometimes it worked like a charm. When I cancelled a workflow which gave an error and restarted it by hand it finished without any problems.

When I looked in the SharePoint logfiles what was causing my workflows to crash it showed that the workflow couldn’t find values for some settings in the web.config. I couldn’t think off any reason why the workflow couldn’t read these settings about 50% of the times a workflow was started.

The workflow I created is automatically started after the change of an item in a specific document library. After some testing I found out that all workflows that I started by changing the item with the sharepoint webinterface worked fine but the items that were changed by an external source (a custom webservice I created but also the biztalk SharePoint Adapter webservice) crashed with the error that they couldn’t read the web.config.

The webservices that are causing the workflow to crash are in a different sharepoint webapplication and thus use a different web.config. When I added my settings in the web.config of this webapplication the workflows stopped crashing.

So it seems that the WF workflows are running in the process which changed the item in the sharepoint list which caused the workflow to start instead of the standard w3p process of SharePoint which I thought always was the case.

Happy coding!

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