Volta, Seadragon and Photosynth. Cool stuff from Microsoft Live labs

Almost 1 month ago Microsoft showed us their first technology preview of Volta. Volta is a new technology by Microsoft which makes it possible to change code to run on the server or client by only changing 1 line of code.

Imagine the possibilities on proof of concept projects where you don’t know where the bottlenecks will be. With this technology you can just build a test application and when you’re finished you can change pieces of code to run on the client or server to increase performance. Go and download the Volta technology preview on the live labs site now.

Another thing I wanted to show you is Seadragon. Seadragon is another technology by Live Labs from Microsoft. Seadragon is a technology where really high resolution pictures are stored on a server and you can zoom into them on the client. This makes it really easy to watch really high resolution images without having them on the client location. The Server application only sends the information that the client can see to the client application. These generated images are far less big in size as the original images are on the server.

Photosynth is another technology made by Live Labs and it is using the Seadragon technology to stream the images to the client. Photosynth is a tool to view a collection of images based on the location of where the images are taken. Photosynth can scan through a big collection of images of for example a big building and make up a 3d model of this building by using the images in the collection. You can view the building by selecting the angle of a specific image and the application will load that image with the Seadragon technology. From this new angle on the building you can zoom or select another image and you can take a virtual tour around the building like that.

You can test Photosynth on the live labs website with a few collections off famous buildings/objects like the NASA space shuttle Endeavour or Piazza San marco in Venice.

I found a really nice video about Seadragon and Photosynth on Youtube. If you want to see what is possible with these new technologies you really have to check it out.


I really think these technologies can grow big if you combine it for example with sites as Flickr so you can get a really new experience browsing through pictures.

Geert van der Cruijsen


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