Introducing: PhoneCompare for Windows Phone 7

I’ve built a new Windows Phone App that lets you compare 2 Windows Phone devices with all available specs right next to each other to see which is the best. You can also just check the specifications of one of the available windows phones at this moment when you are in a heated argument with friends or colleagues again where you are not sure if that phone had a 1.4GHZ processor or a 1.5 GHZ processor.

My new app is called PhoneCompare and is available in all Windows Phone Marketplaces for 99 cents. you can also install a free trial that has 100% of the functionality but shows ads.

PhoneCompare has the following features:

  • List all available Windows Phones
  • Check specifications for a single phone to see its screen size, dimensions, weight, processor, storage, memory, battery and camera.
  • Select 2 phones to compare all these specs next to each other
  • Check the specs of your current phone
  • Browse phones by brand
  • View a list of new phones that are just released or are about to get released

My plans for the future are to also make it possible to rate phones so you can see which phones are rated the highest and I also want to store most used phones by visitors of the app. All this in version 1.1 :)




If you have any feedback on this app please let me know by a comment on this post, by sending me a tweet @geertvdc or by rating or using the in app mail function


Geert van der Cruijsen

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