MIX 09 Keynote: Introducing Silverlight 3.0 (Beta available NOW!!!)

When I came home about an hour ago I turned on my mediacenter pc to listen to some mp3's when I thought.. Hey wasn't MIX 09 starting today? Maybe I can check out some video's already like I could with the pdc.

When I browsed to http://live.visitmix.com/ the Keynote was played LIVE in silverlight :) Scott Guthrie was already talking about StackOverflow.com and after that he started talking about Silverlight 3.0

Silverlight 3.0 is going to bring us some pretty cool stuff like Hardware 3d acceleration and multitouch support. These functions ofcourse are pretty cool but are they really usefull? one of the most important things Scott also announced was SEO optimization for Silverlight 3.0.

In Silverlight 3.0 you will be able to store points in your applications from where you can browse from and to by using your forward / back buttons but you're also able to create a bookmark and ofcourse the most important part is that it can be indexed by search websites so they can link to specific locations in the silverlight 3.0 app.

Another cool thing in Silverlight 3.0 is that if you build an application using some external libraries that the libraries can and will be downloaded only when they are used. and when you use the same library in a different silverlight app it will use your already downloaded version instead of pulling it from the server again saving bandwidth.

Sketchflow is a new feature build in Blend 3.0 which will enable you to create sketches of your design rapidly by dragging and dropping wiggely controls (pencil drawn looking controls) on a screen. You can also create a flow of the application fluently by creating several screens and connecting them together. After this you can add functionality to some navigation buttons (without writing code) to navigate from 1 screen to another. After this you can change your sketches to real working code and you’re done!

Multi Tier Data is another new feature which is working like a proxy representation of your data on the server inside your silverlight app. You can databind your controls to the proxy data and if you update the data it will automatically be synced with the server. It’s also possible for the server to push changes in the data to the client so you don’t have to poll the server anymore.

Scott rounded up his presentation telling that the current silverlight 3.0 package is smaller than the current silverlight 2.0 package and the beta 1 is released today! You can download it at:

Scott didn’t say anything about a final release date but he did mention later this year (so probably q4)

I really like the changes and can’t wait to start playing with SL 3.0

Geert van der Cruijsen


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