I’ll be speaking on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in November

November is going to be a big month for everyone who likes developing for Windows. 2 days ago Windows 8 was officially launched and this Monday Windows Phone 8 will be launched.

Lots of events are organized and in November I’m speaking on two of them. First is a Dutch event called “Bedrijf zoekt app” held on the 13th in Bussum. In this session we’ll dive into the possibilities of building apps for Windows 8 without focusing on the development techniques themselves but we’ll be looking more into why companies should develop for Windows 8 and what are the possibilities when you’re going to develop apps for Windows 8.

More info on the “Bedrijf zoekt app” event here.

bedrijf zoekt app - logo-vierkant

2 days later on November 15th I’ll be doing a session on Windows Phone 8 on the Avanade “Masters in Microsoft” event held for software engineering students. This event is FREE and includes food before we start the sessions (should be enough reason for every student to sign up ;) ). This evening I’ll be talking on all the new features of Windows Phone 8 and showing code demo’s on how to use these new features.

More info on how to sign up for this free event here (Masters in Microsoft Event)


Hope to see you there!

Geert van der Cruijsen

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Virtual conference MVCConf 2011

Yesterday MVCConf 2011 was held. MVCConf is a virtual conference about ASP.NET MVC and since ASP.NET MVC 3 has shipped a few weeks ago there was a lot to talk about. The conference is organized by the community and there are a lot of speakers from the Community as well as from Microsoft.

Some videos are online already at www.mvcconf.com/live but all videos are coming online later at the www.mvcconf.com site.

Since I’m an ASP.NET MVC fanatic I’ve used my free evening to watch the sessions and will view more tomorrow.


Sessions I watched:

Keynote by Scott Guthrie @scottgu

Scott talked about the history of ASP.NET MVC 3 and the older versions (ofcourse everyone knows he wrote version 1 during a single flight from his home to some conference a few years ago) and held an interactive session where people could ask questions using twitter. He talked about the difference of webforms and mvc ofcourse since this is a question that is always asked when talking about mvc on a high level. He noted again that webforms, webmatrix and MVC will all exist next to each other in the future and serve different purposes. to make this more clear he gave 3 keywords for all methods of building ASP.NET applications


  • Simple
  • Light
  • Fast

Web Forms

  • Familiar
  • Reusable
  • Productive


  • Powerfull
  • Extensible
  • Agile

Other things he talked about is the focus of Microsoft on JQuery. Microsoft added JQuery to the MVC 1.0 and in 3.0 they even switched completely to JQuery when you look at all examples etc. Microsoft is also actively helping in creating a new JQuery plugin for the JQuery Datatable. this is something I would really like to see!!

Scott also told us about project Orchard which is a new open source CMS project by Microsoft. this is also looking really promising. Another thing Scott talked about really quick was an Asset management system for CSS and JS functions / snippets. more to come about this in the future. (he wasn’t supposed to say anything about this.)

Finally he talked about large sites running ASP.NET MVC. He couldn’t tell a lot about this since he didn’t know which company liked him saying their technology choices. but some examples he did tell were bing.com and other microsoft sites. other examples people on twitter added are the channel 9 site, stackoverflow.com and cheezburger.com :D

Phil Haack on nuget @haacked

Phil talked on Microsoft opensource project nuget by showing how you use it in visual studio using the extension manager and the console. I think most people have already seen and used nuget but this session went deeper. phil showed us how to create packages and how to use advanced functions the console. Something that was new to me he showed us is the local repository you can add in nuget. I’m going to have another look at this later so we can use it within our company.

after this he showed us how nuget is working under the hood. All in all a really nice session for me.

Brad Wilson on “Advanced MVC 3.0” @bradwilson

Brad talked on some advanced topics of MVC 3.0. It’s hard to do a recap on this one since it’s a lot of stuff. some things were really interesting. he started off with statefull filters to show how to use filters per request, per session or per applications. after this he talked about validation with unobstructive Ajax with Jquery. very interesting!!

He also talked about how to use different kinds of objects as classes for your model and about routing constraints.

If you are a more advanced MVC developer this is a session you shouldn’t miss.

Steve Sanderson on MVC Scaffolding @stevesanderson

Steve talked about the opensource project MVC Scaffolding. The original idea for this came from the Ruby community where people wanted to generate simple crud forms and the database itself from the model classes. Steve has created a package which you can get with nuget to have this in ASP.NET MVC 3.0.

Phil showed a quick sample of this on his nuget presentation and Steve also showed an example where he automatically generated everything using the repository pattern so you get a nice decoupled scenario without typing any code. after this he showed more complex situations. for more info check this blogpost:


Other sessions I haven’t watched yet but will do later are:

BDD in ASP.NET MVC using SpecFlow, WatiN and WatiN Test Helpers by Brandon Satrom

Quality Driven Web Acceptance Testing by amir Barylko

WebMatrix by Rob Conery

Entity Framework “Code First”: Domain Driven CRUD by Chris Zavaleta

I really enjoyed the sessions. MVCConf and all speakers thanks and hopefully I’ll be able to join MVCConf 2012 again next year.

When all video’s are up I’ll edit the post with the links to the videos

Geert van der Cruijsen

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