SharePoint BDC listview error: “An unhandled exception has occurred: There was an error in the callback”

So after my first month off having my own development blog I already start to slack on making new posts. Not a good sign ;) Well here’s an update again about a weird error I came across in SharePoint today. I'll try to make more posts in the near future but lately I didn't see any cool things to blog about. I also spend most of my free time to study for my MCPD exam next week.

I was working on a SharePoint Solution using the Business Data Catalog to retrieve data from a mssql database and to show this data in a BDC list view. On my development machine everything was working fine so I uploaded it to my test environment and what happened.

The following error came up: "An unhandled exception has occurred: There was an error in the callback"

I checked the trace log and the event viewer. Both didn’t show anything about any error involving the Business data catalog. Google didn’t result in anything useful either so I asked around at some colleagues. Finally one of them gave me the following link:

The people at this page have a slightly different problem but I didn’t have any other solutions so I thought I might give it a try. And after I tried it I was stunned. The Data List view actually worked.

So what was the solution? Adding a Search box web part to the page containing the BDC data list view did the trick. You can set the search box to invisible if you don’t want it visible on your page.

I haven’t looked why this search box webpart is connected to the data list view yet but I would really like to know why. It took quite some time to figure this one out so in the end I was happy it worked.

For anyone of you who encounter the same problem as I did I hope you find this post faster as I found my answer today.


Geert van der Cruijsen

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