Windows Phone 7 Emulator Skin Switcher 1.0 Beta

In the last few weeks several people started creating their own skins for the Windows Phone 7 Emulator. Switching between different skins was a lot of work by copying files manually to the emulator directory every time you wanted to switch. From now on this is not needed anymore because you can use the Windows Phone 7 Emulator Skin Switcher application I’ve created.


You can download the application here: Download

Update! version 1.2 is released and the project is moved to codeplex. you can find the newest version here:

This version is the first beta release with my first set of skins. I added 2 skins from Georg Kalus: the Blue Nokia Lumia 800 and the White/Pink Nokia Lumia 710. I’ve also included the Black Nokia Lumia 800 skin from Pedro Lamas

The complete list of skins included in the application now are:

I’m planning on adding more skins in the near future but didn’t have time for it yet. If you have skins I can use please let me know by comment or on twitter



Hopefully this will make your Windows Phone 7 projects even more fun to test!

Happy Coding

Geert van der Cruijsen

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