PinPin 1.2 update now available in the WP7 Marketplace

First note I want to make: The “Error retrieving ATM locations” bug is fixed in this release!

Here is the story on how it all went down:

Since PinPin’s launch last week I’ve been loaded with feedback from people, most of them were positive but there was also a large group of people who weren’t able to get ATM locations. At first I didn’t have any idea how this was possible since I had tested at many locations in the Netherlands and had asked several colleagues to test the app and it worked for everyone.

Luckily  lots of people were able to find the feedback form in my app and when I received a mail from Marco who had a dev unlocked phone and was receiving the errors I found my chance to find out what was causing the bug. I made a version 1.1 and submitted it to the marketplace (that wasn’t smart because that’s why it took so long to get 1.2 out) but also mailed it to Marco so he could test. 1.1 had the option to save the errors and send a mail with the Error messages and a stacktrace so I could see what was going wrong.

With the error report I received from Marco I could see it was something in the response from the webservice I’m calling to get the ATM data but still couldn’t see what the error was exactly. I again added more logging to the app and asked Marco to test again. This time I could compare my request and response from the server to his and then I found out: The Dutch regional settings were screwing things up. Ofcourse this is a major concern for an app that is only used in the Netherlands Smile

I fixed the bug but had to wait untill version 1.1 had passed certification before I could submit 1.2 Wednesday night 1.1 was approved and I immediately submitted 1.2. Today I received another mail from Microsoft that 1.2 also passed certification. From now on everyone should be able to use PinPin!

If you find any bug in version 1.2 please let me know and I’ll try to fix it asap again.

It can take a while before you’ll get the 1.2 update notification from your phone but you could also manually uninstall your current PinPin installation and reinstall from the marketplace you’ll download version 1.2.

Big thanks to Marco and everyone else who has send feedback concerning this bug. Hopefully you can enjoy PinPin now and if you do don’t try to rate and review the app, it only takes a few seconds!


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Oh and if you didn’t have PinPin yet, you can download it here:

Download PinPin for WP7


Geert van der Cruijsen

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