First impression of the HTC Trophy and Windows Phone 7

A few weeks after the official release of windows phone 7 our entire company (Avanade Netherlands) moved to Windows phone 7. Every Employee (225) received a HTC Trophy today and tonight i’ve put my new phone to the test. Here are my first impressions:

the hardware:

The phone is feeling really robust and the screen is looking really well. the captative screen works very good aswell. all menus and buttons are reacting really fast and Microsoft really did their best in getting the UI right.. And they did! After testing the Camera i have to say that this is probably the worst part of this phone. when it’s a bit dark the pictures get really bad. i also don’t like the “hardware”/tip buttons under the screen. ofcourse you dont need them that much but when i compare this to my girlfriends HTC Desire i have to say i prefer real hardware buttons.

booting it for the first time:

after booting it you get a small tutorial to set stuff up. i choose to skip the windows live id and to just get started. within 1 minute my phone was ready to go. I’ve started setting up my exchange mail since all my contacts/mail/agenda stuff is in there. the setup was also done really easy, just add an exchange account, add your username/password and press ok. everything just worked. after this i’ve added my facebook account. after i did that all contacts were synced and merged perfectly. my exchange contacts have facebook pictures etc. looking pretty slick.

After this i tried setting up my live id.. stubborn as i am i ofcourse added my dutch liveid to see what would happen.. first it would ofcourse sync my mail/contacts etc.. that was the positive part. then i tried to open the marketplace but that wasn’t working. i tried to deinstall the live id but that isn’t possible. so a hard reset was a fact :D (within 5 minutes after i first touched it).

after playing with facebook/mail/apps etc i tried the most important thing a phone has to do: call someone. to make this extra hard i called someone while i was on my way home through my parrot carkit. some windows phone 6.5′s wouldnt even make this test but sound quality was really good with my new phone. also the ui of the call screen and contact screen ┬áis really well thought off.

next try: setting up a US based live id and adding my dutch live id after. Perfect. i get all the contacts/agenda/mail from my dutch live id and i can get to the marketplace through my US live id.

ofcourse i had to set my facebook/exchange stuff again but that was done in a few minutes.

after playing around with it for a few hours this evening i have a pretty good feeling about this. my conclusions for now:


  • WP7 is really responsive and intuitive
  • overall hardware is robust and looking nice
  • everything just works (except dutch live id’s )
  • most important thing calling works really good (nice contact screen, nice call screen)


  • camera is a bit flaky
  • power charge is on the side of the phone (i am left handed and can’t even hold it normally when the power cable is in….)
  • Support for dutch marketplace / xbox live missing (will be there in april 2011)
  • no tethering (will come someday)

i’ll update some more about the new phone after i’ve played with it a bit more after a few days (battery use for example)

Geert van der Cruijsen

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