Going to DevDays 2010

Wow first 7 months of no blogging then 2 in 1 week ;)

I’ve been looking through al the sessions on the first day of the DevDays 2010 at the world-forum The Hague, The Netherlands and I’ve picked the ones I’m going to.


First off starting with the Keynote of course by Anders Hejlsberg and the keynotes title is: “Trends and Future Directions in Programming Languages”.

After the keynote at 11:05 I’m going to see the session by Scott Hanselman called “ASP.NET MVC 2: Basics, Introduction”. Hopefully there are some new things for me to see although I know quite a bit about the MVC framework already :) If not… Scott is always a cool guy to listen to so i see no problems.

At 13:30 I’ll be going to the session by Alex Thissen called “Secure Coding”. It never hurts to know something about security :)

The next session at 15:05 is by Anders Hejlsberg again. The session is called “C# 4.0 and beyond”. I would really like to know what is beyond.

The last session of the DevDays at 16:40 I’m going to see is by Scott Hanselman. It’s called “ASP.NET MVC 2: Ninja Black Belt Tips”. Since I’m already a ASP.NET MVC ninja i would like to learn from the master how to get my black belt.

In the evening there are a couple of sessions at the “Geeknight”. The Geeknight sessions are sessions for the real geeks and are about programming for fun, home automation, etc.

Sessions at the Geeknight I’m going to are:

Ofcourse starting with the geeknight keynote by Tony Krijnen and Daniel van Soest at 18:30.

after the keynote “I’m going to learn how to make my blog suck less” by Scott Hanselman (wow 3 sessions on 1 day :) )

the last session at 21:00 is the hardest choice. i have to choose between “If the ‘Free Lunch’ is Over, Can we Still Afford to Eat? How to Power Boost your Applications “ or “Microcontrollers for .Net programmers” or “Using .NET to Program your Hobby Web-services”. I really don’t know what to expect from the first session, my interests aren’t with microcontrollers and the last session is about webservices which i do like but it’s a level 100 session and I think there isn’t going to be that much new stuff to be heard there.

so for now my choice is with “If the ‘Free Lunch’ is Over, Can we Still Afford to Eat? How to Power Boost your Applications “ by Rutger van Beusekom.

I really can’t wait for DevDays 2010 to start.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Geert van der Cruijsen

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Combined power of SharePoint and JQuery part1: Changing the SharePoint Image Picker

Wow… long time since i blogged. Thank god I’m going to the Dutch DevDays to see Scott Hanselman’s session called “How to make your blog suck less” :)

So here is an update of mine about how to use JQuery in SharePoint to do some fancy tricks. I’ll post some more of these tricks later on and I’ll try to be more active as a blogger again. (In which I’ll probably fail)

Have you ever tried to change some of SharePoint’s default controls like the image picker?

Well I have. My customer wanted a image picker that worked exactly like the normal one except for 1 change. It shouldn’t show the selected image as an image but it should only show the URL of the selected image. I tried to change this at server side first by inheriting from the default SharePoint image picker control. This was a rather annoying job as i didn’t seem to get the right result this way. you cannot extend the rich image picker from sharepoint but only the default image picker that doesn’t have the image library function behind it.

When i was looking at the html that was rendered by SharePoint i thought it would be easier to change the html with jquery as with serverside code and this is the result. just save this source to a .js file and include it into your masterpage or aspx page and all selected images in the image picker will be changed to only show the url of the image.

///<reference path="jquery-1.3.2.min-vsdoc.js" />


$(document).ready(function() {




function HideImages() {

    $("span[id $= '_RichImageField_ImageFieldDisplay']").each(function() {

        var url = $(this).find("img").attr("src");


        $(this).append("<span class='imgurl'>" + url + "</span>");

        $(this).find("a").each(function() {

            $(this).find("img").each(function() {

                $(this).load(function() {


                    var imgurl = $(this).attr("src");







It’s as easy as that.

More JQuery fun to post in the future.

Geert van der Cruijsen

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