Silverlight 2 and Flash 10 put to the test

Today a colleague of mine send me a link of a very cool site:

The guy who build the site is a webdeveloper with 6 years experience in building flash apps and 1 year of Silverlight experience. On his blog are a lot of apps build both in Flash and Silverlight. Some examples are: loading a big external image into the silverlight / flash app and a fps stress test.

It's very cool to see that the output of both platforms is almost equal, though in most test Silverlight is performing a bit better then Flash 10.

Also if you look at the code that is used in both examples you have to say that programming in Silverlight is a more pleasant experience.

Both platforms have strengths and weaknesses. Microsoft has visual studio which is far out the best IDE out there. Adobe on the other had has the best tools for designers.

The battle for best rich internet platform rages on!


Geert van der Cruijsen

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